September 16, 2014
2012: State Annual Meeting Roundup
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WRAP-UP: State conventions underscore church planting, ethnic diversity, moral issues
NASHVILLE (BP) -- Church planting and increased ethnic diversity were celebrated in many of the state Baptist conventions' annual meetings this fall. In California three congregations involved in reaching a different ethnic group were featured, including Chinese Baptists ministering on an Indian reservation, one Anglo church engaged in reaching Hispanics and another hosting six different congregations -- Afghani, African American, Arabic, Armenian, Hispanic and Korean.
WRAP-UP: More states raise budgets & CP
NASHVILLE (BP) -- More than half of the state Baptist conventions that participate in Southern Baptists' Cooperative Program approved increases for their 2013 budgets, reversing a five-year trend that peaked last year.
Ala. Baptists adjust to budget shortfall
Alaska Baptists affirm authority of Bible
Ark. Baptists' budget to surpass $22M
Ariz. Baptists seek church renewal
Calif. Baptists weigh Focus 21 recommendations
Colo. Baptists report growth, Kingdom impact
Dakota Baptists honor retired pastors
Fla. Baptists continue toward 50/50 CP split
ORLANDO (BP) -- Jacksonville pastor Tim Maynard was elected president of the Florida Baptist State Convention during its Nov. 12-13 annual meeting at First Baptist Church in Orlando.
Ga. Baptists increase budget 3.7%, honor White
Hawaii Pacific Baptists hold 70th annual meeting
HONOLULU (BP) -- Hawaii-Pacific Baptists highlighted missions during their 70th annual meeting in Honolulu, even as the convention faces a 2.4 percent reduction in Cooperative Program funding for its outreach.
Ill. Baptists recognize strength in cooperation
Ind. Baptists urged to reach state's 7M people
Iowa Baptists increase church plants

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