August 28, 2014
2011: Faith and Technology
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Gospel Project available on iPad, eBook
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- The Gospel Project curriculum created by LifeWay Christian Resources has introduced a digital delivery format to serve as yet another way for churches to engage in the three-year study designed for Sunday Schools and small groups of all ages.
TECH: An even faster Internet & its impact on churches
Imagine downloading an HD movie in only five seconds. That type of Internet speed is around the corner, and it can have a big impact on churches.
TECH: What if you could record your entire life?
Technology columnist Aaron Linne takes a look at two prototype projects by Google and Microsoft, one of which would allow users to wear special glasses and video record their daily lives.
TECHNOLOGY: No more giant apps -- a browser is all you need
The new ChromeBook and ChromeBox only allow users to operate within a Web browser, but technology columnist Aaron Linne says enough free tools exist online to make this inexpensive option even sweeter, especially for churches looking to purchase multiple new computers.
Christian Apps of the Month: ACLJ, Breakpoint
TECHNOLOGY: A new digital reading experience -- unlike anything we've seen
What if when using an iPad or Kindle Fire, we could read about the biblical story of David and Goliath and actually see the battlefield, or when reading about the Temple we'd see it being built? That reading experience may be only a few years away, says technology columnist Aaron Linne.
Prestonwood Baptist, Grace to You

New Orleans Seminary,

TECHNOLOGY: Helping the church understand the digital revolution
A series of recent books seeks to help the church understand and adapt to the social media/digital revolution, says tech columnist Aaron Linne.
CHRISTIAN APPS OF THE MONTH: God Questions?, Answers in Genesis
TECHNOLOGY: Windows 8 could change desktop world
Microsoft will release Windows 8 this year, and it could change the desktop world. But is it best for your church or your home computers? Columnist Aaron Linne takes a look.
CHRISTIAN APPS OF THE MONTH: Criswell College, GuideStone
TECHNOLOGY: So, your church wants an app?
If you think your church could use an app, it might be a good idea to smart small before getting that first app developed, says technology columnist Aaron Linne.
CHRISTIAN APPS OF THE MONTH: Billy Graham, Southwestern Seminary, 'Courageous'
TECHNOLOGY: 3 amazing new tech innovations
Technology columnist Aaron Linne examines three technological innovations from October that will fundamentally change the way that our children play with the world around.

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