September 2, 2014
2010: Vancouver Winter Olympics
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OLYMPICS: 'The Pin Man' makes Christ known at Winter Games
VANCOUVER (BP)--Barely noticeable on a lapel, a pin carries weight at the Olympics, which is why Sid "The Pin Man" Hopkins was standing near a SkyTrain station's escalator in downtown Vancouver -- his vest, hat, coat and lanyard forming a mosaic of pins ...
OLYMPICS: Hedrick contributes to U.S. record-breaking medal count
VANCOUVER (BP)--U.S. speedskater Chad Hedrick won his fifth career medal Feb. 27 when he captured silver in the men's team pursuit competition, tying him with Eric Heiden for the most medals ever won by a men's U.S. long track speedskater.       "I am very happy to be walking away from Vancouver," Hedrick said. "This is my fifth medal, all in different distances. Major accomplishment for me, and the next step in life is going to be a lot of fun."
OLYMPICS: Missionary's witness in Vancouver is full of surprises, opportunities
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BP)--After eight Olympics and nearly three decades in ministry, Debbie Wohler still discerns God's work in hindsight like the rest of us.
OLYMPICS: Pac, Meyers win bobsled bronze
WHISTLER, British Columbia (BP)--The U.S. bobsled team of Erin Pac and Elana Meyers won a bronze medal Wednesday, the first medal for the United States in any of the sliding sports in this year's Olympics.
OLYMPICS: Olympian says there's 'no atheist at the top of a bobsled run'
OLYMPICS: Pac, Meyers in 2nd after 2 heats
OLYMPICS: Faith stirs women's bobsled duo to 'work stuff out'
WHISTLER, British Columbia (BP)--Erin Pac and Elana Meyers may be bobsled teammates, but they haven't always been the best of friends.
OLYMPICS: Chaplain nurtures Gospel seeds
OLYMPICS: Hedrick to retire from speedskating
OLYMPICS: Sharing coffee & Good News
VANCOUVER (BP)--Making an impact at the Olympics means serving others beyond what they are expecting. "I'm a Christian. Isn't this what we're supposed to do?" asked Irina State, a member of a Romanian Southern Baptist Church ...
OLYMPICS: Hospital visit leads to salvation experience for American bobsledder
WHISTLER, British Columbia (BP)--John Napier couldn't believe what he was seeing. Here his father was dying in the hospital, and in walked Derek Spain, pastor of Lake Placid Baptist Church, who had driven more than two hours to visit him.
OLYMPICS: Clark wins bronze in halfpipe
VANCOUVER (BP)--Listening to the music of Christian music artist Misty Edwards as she competed in the finals, U.S. snowboarder Kelly Clark won a bronze medal in the women's halfpipe event Feb. 18 ...
OLYMPICS: Brit is alone on sled but connected to the faith
WHISTLER, British Columbia (BP)--Adam Pengilly stood at the top of the track, bracing himself. A former bobsledder, he was no stranger to the icy slide and had absorbed its best licks many times. One bobsled crash left him with a hole in his lung. Another one gave him a nasty scar on his back from an ice burn.
OLYMPICS: Hedrick takes bronze in 1000m
VANCOUVER (BP)--A strong final lap allowed U.S. speedskater Chad Hedrick to overcome a slow start and win the bronze medal in the men's 1000 meters Wednesday at the Winter Olympics.       U.S. teammate Shani Davis won the gold medal with a time of 1:08.94. Hedrick was .38 seconds behind Davis, with a time of 1:09.32.
OLYMPICS: Faith made Kelly Clark's snowboarding 'a lot more free'
VANCOUVER (BP)--Kelly Clark wasn't about to sit back and let her life fall to pieces. The Olympic athlete should have been excited with the direction her life was taking, but she wasn't.

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