Supporters collect letters of appreciation for President Bush

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Karl Rove, former staff member and longtime adviser to incumbent President George W. Bush, is spearheading an initiative to collect letters of appreciation to deliver to the president.

The announcement appeared on Jan. 15, the day before President Bush gave his farewell address to the nation.

The initiative has taken on a viral nature of its own, circulating on listservs and drawing commentary in the blogosphere. Even liberal blogs are noting the growing enthusiasm for Rove’s suggestion, although comments on those sites appear less than complimentary than remarks on more conservative online websites.

Rove gave the following details about his intentions:

-- "Send a farewell letter to President Bush—Email [no attachments] and I'll give him your note on January 20.

-- "I'll deliver the letters on January 20th -- sorry, I can't deliver any letters sent after 6:00 PM ET on January 19th.

-- "Please note, I'm only taking farewell letters via email to"

Although the initiative has created a buzz on the Internet, Rove has not given any updates on how many letters have been received so far.

Compiled by Baptist Press Executive Editor Will Hall.

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