Plus One's Jason Perry meets TruthQuest team

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Jason Perry, a member of the Christian pop band Plus One, paid a surprise visit to the TruthQuest: California team during a dinner sponsored by Broadman & Holman Publishers, producers of the "TruthQuest Inductive Student Bible."

Perry recently coauthored "You Are Not Your Own" with Steve Keels, editor of the TruthQuest Student Bible.

Perry greeted team members and their parents and shared his testimony as well as his support of the TruthQuest project.

"I am really excited about what you guys are going to do," Perry said. "This is a great opportunity to share Christ with people."

Stephanie Huffman, TruthQuest brand manager, said Perry was enthusiastic about the group. "He was thrilled with the personalities he saw," Huffman said. "He could see the excitement in the eyes of these kids who love Jesus."

"Jason has a passion to share Christ with this younger culture," she said. "He is burdened to live on the edge for Christ."

During the Feb. 16 dinner in Nashville, the TruthQuest team was presented signed copies of Perry's book along with "TruthQuest Survival Guide: The Quest Begins" by Steve Keels, an interactive workbook to help new believers in Christ develop a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

They also received the "TruthQuest Prayer Journal," "TruthQuest Devotional Journal" and the "TruthQuest Inductive Student Bible" with expedition case.

During their trip to California, B&H will supply TruthQuesters with additional copies of the Survival Guide to share with new Christians.

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