SBC Executive Committee creates Internet tribute to Criswell

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--An Internet tribute honoring the life and ministry of W.A. Criswell has been created by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, according to Morris H. Chapman, president and chief executive officer of the SBC.

The W.A. Criswell Tribute has quotes from prominent Southern Baptists, news articles, audio recordings of his 1975 address to the Pastor's Conference of the SBC, and links to other websites.

The site also includes a presentation of Criswell's life through photographs and music.

The W.A. Criswell tribute site is located at

"We are so grateful to God for the technology of the world wide web, which enabled us to express our heartfelt affection in tribute to Dr. W. A. Criswell," Chapman said. "It would not have been possible just a short while ago."

"We are deeply hopeful that this will permit many to know of the great character of Dr. Criswell and the contributions he made to the kingdom of God," he added. "Our desire in this is identical to the desire that characterized Dr. Criswell over his distinguished life -- that Christ will be glorified, and that men and women would come to know Him."

"The site provides a place for people to catch a glimpse of Dr. Criswell's ministry and the impact he had on the Southern Baptist Convention," said Chris Chapman, director of Internet services for the SBC EC. "It's a tribute to what God has done through Dr. Criswell's life."

Augie Boto, vice president for convention policy, said the tribute site "gives the world a window into the importance of the life of W.A. Criswell."

"The digital monument we have crafted to pay homage to Dr. Criswell could never impart a sufficient sense of the magnitude of his impact upon the Southern Baptist Convention and people of faith everywhere," Boto added. "His staunch defense of Biblical truth, and his leadership making First Baptist Church, Dallas the epicenter of the conservative resurgency, will continue to have ripple effects down through time similar to those that have stemmed from Charles Spurgeon."

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